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Storm Sondors is a humble man with much success in his life that not many know about… Storm lives a simple life, enjoys the outdoors, the ocean, traveling but an off the grid in a sense lifestyle. Not much for computers or cell phones…just the great outdoors.

Storm envisioned the bike after he suffered an accident that temporarily limited his mobility that affected his outdoors/ beach way of life.

Being an avid surfer since he was a child, Storm still finds the time to surf regularly. During the period of his immobility, Storm needed a way to get down to the beach without complicating his injury. As it turns out, Storm’s professional background includes industrial design and lived in Hong Kong for years.

Did you know, many of those little McDonald's toys that you used to get in your Happy Meal were designed and prototyped by Storm for years

Storm developed the idea of the eBike to get him back to the ocean and into the water by sourcing the needed items to make it for himself through his extensive network of manufacturers in Asia and throughout the world.

With a name like Storm Sondors, it only seemed right to name the bike after him.


1.What is the bike in the video

The bike in the video (yellow/greenbike) is the prototype.

2.Why is everybody stand-up riding on the bike in the video

Those are action shots and we wanted to convey how exhilarating the ride is! Check out TechCrunch's review video for video with someone sitting down on it.

3.How is the bike on handling uphill terrain

Performance on hills depends on the steepness of the hill and the weight load on the bike. In some instances, people will need to use both the pedal and the motor to go uphill.

4.What’s the maximum weight limit

We've tested the bike up to 250lbs, we cannot make any guarantees about performance or durability above that weight.

5.How high can the seat extend

The seat can extend a full 12”. This put it 42 inches off the ground.

6.What is the frame size

The frame is 44' from axle to axle. 78' tire to tire.

7.How much does the bike weigh

The bike weighs approximately 49lbs without the battery.

8.How much does the battery weigh

The battery weighs approximately 6lbs.

9.What are the battery specifications/p>

36-volt 9ah (approximately) Lithium - Ion battery is designed for long running time. Batteries can be charged hundreds of times without noticeable loss in capacity. Detailed Product Description: 36V 8.8Ah Lithium Ion Bottle E Bike Battery Packs: Specification: Model: Li18650-10S4P Volt: 36V Capacity: 8.8Ah Standard Charge: 1.76A Continuous Charge: 4.4A Max. Continuous Discharge: 8.8A Size: 91*335mm Operating Temp.: -20~+60deg C Including Battery Cells, BMS, Charger and Aluminum Case | Top quality battery, no memory effect, high energy density, long lifecycle. | Electric/Pedal assist range up to 35-50 miles (rider weight and terrain contingent) | Under Electric Power Range - up to 20 miles (rider weight and terrain contingent)

10.Is there a rear-splash guard option Is there a back-tire rack option

That option is currently not available through us. This bike has standard frame qualities making it easy to modify with aftermarket products, including splash guards and rear racks.

11.Is there speed monitoring/digital display on the bike

There is no built-in digital display/speedometer, but the bike will work with any aftermarket speed monitors.

12.Is there a key/interlock to prevent accidental starting

There is no interlock currently. However the throttle will not start until one presses a button to activate the motor.

13.Will a standard U-Lock fit around the wider frame

This varies depending on the type of lock, and the type of U-Lock that you use, but in general it will work with most consumer bike locks. Remember that the center portion of the frame is utilized for the battery compartment so all frame related locking would be through the back wheel and frame which is ideal in most cases.

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