Taga 2.0: The Ultimate Most Affordable Family Bike

Taga 2.0: The Ultimate Most Affordable Family Bike

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Following the success of our Taga stroller-bike we developed a new family bike based on our community's requests and comments. Introducing Taga 2.0, the ultimate, most affordable, family bike. In addition to being safe for both parent and child, Taga 2.0 is modular and adaptable to any situation. Finally, a family bike you can fit to your needs.

Taga 2.0 is a bike specifically designed to address the needs of the modern family.

Many family bikes today were originally designed to carry cargo, not children. They are usually unstable, expensive and are lacking important features desired by parents and kids.

We started from scratch. For three years we turned every stone to make the most comfortable, safe, easy to ride, practical and just all around coolest family bike ever.

In Taga 2.0 the kids are sitting in the front so you can explore the world together. Taga 2.0 was carefully crafted with lots of add-ons for the entire family, to make your life easier. It’s the new way to be green and active. And if you don’t have kids and just want to use it to carry your pets or cargo, Taga 2.0 is the perfect solution.

Our first family bike, the Taga 1.0 Bike-Stroller, can be found rolling around cities all over the world. While widely loved, we knew the Taga 1.0 and other cargo/family bikes were not affordable for everybody, so we worked hard to reduce the cost, without compromising the quality or the features.

We've included pretty much anything you’d expect from a modern family bike. Take two kids facing forwards, backwards or towards each other, add a 3rd child in the back, or just one kid up to 8 years old and a water gun. Rainy Sunny No problem, just snap on the Royal Canopy. Your baby wants to take a nap Recline the seat to a sleeping position. Need some help pedaling Add our e-Bike kit!

Taga Bike was born in 2007 by an international team of parents with a shared passion for cycling and a desire for a product like this in their own lives.

In 2008 we built a production line in Taiwan and the following year launched our first product - the Taga 1.0 convertible Bike-Stroller. Over the years, we have sold our bike-strollers in over 40 countries, shipping them from our warehouses in the Netherlands, USA and Taiwan. We’ve won several design and engineering awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, the Red Herring Top 100 Award and the two most prestigious awards in the bicycle and stroller industries: Eurobike and the Kind & Jugend award.

We absolutely love the Taga 1.0, but in 2014 we were ready for our next challenge – the Taga 2.0. Our path started with our customers - getting their feedback and a better understanding of their needs. Careful attention went into every detail, giving Taga a modern style, intuitive functionality, and the flow and ease parents appreciate.

Three years later – we’re proud to launch the Taga 2.0, the ultimate family bike.

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